A whole bunch of reasons why I hate winter

  1. SNIRT - snow + dirt = messy shit that drives me bonkers
  2. being cold is not pleasant
  3. it is inhumane that I live in a city where temperatures get so cold that SNOW IS UNABLE TO FALL
  4. winter is too damn long and that makes summer that much shorter
  5. bundling up the kids to go anywhere is painful
  6. forgetting to warm up the car 10 minutes before we have to go somewhere is irritating
  7. my 50 minute commute in the morning is on public transportation where often the heat DOES NOT WORK
  8. my 50 minute commute in the afternoon is on public transportation where often the heat DOES NOT WORK
  9. constant nasal drip common among children and adults
  10. this winter the kids and I seem to have gotten sick every second week and for that winter REALLY sucks ass
  11. not being able to be outside as much as we are in the summer = TOTAL BUMMER
  12. shovelling is a good workout but I can think of better things to do with my limited free time
  13. freezing rain is scary
  14. getting your pants dirty from the knees down with salt stains and SNIRT = UNNECESSARY LAUNDRY (Sabrina - that one was for you!) 
  15. having to roll your pants up to your knees and risk embarrassing your kids so that you can make it through the slush without getting your pants filthy
  16. it gets dark before we've even had dinner
  17. the lightest of snowfalls makes everyone drive WAY TOO SLOW
  18. number 17 meant that it took Pablo and I two hours one morning to drive to an appointment at the hospital when it should only have taken 20 minutes MAX.
  19. you go outside to get some 'fresh air' and you breathe in through your nose and the air is so cold that it BURNS the insides of your nostrils. Good times.
  20. having to wear ugly-ass footwear in fear of slipping on ice and cracking your head open 
  21. when ice builds up on the INSIDE of the windows in the house 
  22. when ice builds up on the INSIDE of the car
  23. GREY. ALL THE TIME. Love it in decorating but not in overtaking the outside world. 
  24. it takes longer to get the kids ready to go outside than they actually spend outside
  25. and once you get them outside, they decide they have to go to the bathroom AND you asked them right before getting them dressed if they had to go
I think this list will be a work in progress because I'm sure I've missed a few key hate points. Feel free to add what I've forgotten in the comments.


  1. I freaking hate winter too. The other day I had my jeans rolled up to my knees on the way into the grocery store because the slush in the parking lot was a foot deep. Glad my kid is too young to be embarrassed by me!!

  2. SNIRT - I'm totally going to start using that word.

    I don't think you have this problem because your windows are not shit like mine but to add to the list = when ice builds up on the INSIDE of the windows in the house.

  3. Another one - having to wear ugly-ass footwear in fear of slipping on ice and cracking your head open.

  4. Kelly - Thank goodness for my Hunter rubber boots - they go up to my knees so they are PERFECT in the slushy crap.

    Kim - I stole SNIRT from Regis and Kelly. And despite my house being a few years new, I did notice a bit of ice build up on the inside of Simon's window - his room being the coldest in the house. I'll add your two to the list.

  5. SNIRT = top 10 word evah.

    Oh, my addition is GREY. Grey, grey, grey, every day, day, day. To me, that's worse than the cold.

  6. Too bad I didn't think of SNIRT myself but it is pretty awesome.

    GREY - good one. I'll add that to the list.

  7. I am putting my earlier comment back in that Julia deleted. We choose to live here, we dont have the right to complain about the weather! Love it or leave it. I hear Mexico is nice this time of year! haha


  8. Anyone who endures weather like this YEAR AFTER YEAR has every right to bitch and whine and moan about it. Because it SUCKS. And believe you me, if moving to a warmer country was that simple, I WOULD NOT BE HERE. I MISS HOT SHOES!!

  9. I hate that it takes longer to get the kids ready to go outside than they actually spend outside. It is sooo cold!

  10. LOL - good ones Julia!

    Another frustrating fact with the kiddos is when you're FINALLY ready to go outstide and they tell you they have to go to the bathroom and unfortunately, you've already stepped in snow so you've got to take EVERYTHING off...argghhh! Not to mention that you made damn sure to ask BEFORE getting them dressed if they had to go! Can you tell this happened to us this weekend?! :-) Gotta luv 'em, just not winter!

    Oh, and this morning the inside of my CAR windows were frozen!

  11. THEN MOVE PEOPLE! Seriously yeah its cold, -30 today even! However our lives are here and we want then to be so we should find ways to take advantage of situations like this. Such as our neighbor behind us, who is building a skating rink in his backyard for his children! Just sayin' is all....

  12. Okay. Let's move! I'm in! Complaining is good therapy for this shitty weather. If the kids can't even go outside because they could get frostbite after 5 minutes then I WILL COMPLAIN BECAUSE THAT SUCKS.

    - this was in response to Pablo's comment. If I delete his comment, which I was tempted to do, he'll just leave another one...

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