Update on Pablo

Ahhhh, where do I begin....

Pablo is not getting better. If anything he has gotten worse over the last 3 months. All his doctors are baffled. An EEG has been scheduled for next Tuesday. I hope this can explain what the damn problem is.

As of now, the doctors appointments are still frequent. Pablo has a weekly appointment with his family doctor and a weekly appointment at the chronic pain clinic at the hospital on top of weekly nurses visits to the house (at a minimum). There is also the occasional appointment with his neurologist and his urologist.

Pablo still has issues peeing. It is driving him crazy and makes him swear often which I muffle with loud coughing if the kids are within earshot. Bladder testing begins this coming Monday at the hospital.

Pablo has had issues with his ear on the tumour side. It always feels like it is plugged with water and he can't hear that great out of that ear. When he was at the chronic pain clinic this week, they told him that they think this is permanent ear damage caused by the radiation treatments.

It has been about 8.5 months since Pablo had his brain tumour removed and about 3.5 months since radiation treatments ended and he is still sick most of the time and still has really bad days when he feels like shit. Unreal.
But at least Pablo is still here and for that we are tremendously thankful.  


  1. :[ I hope something positive comes from his EEG & you guys can pinpoint what's going on. Sending lots of well wishes your way.

  2. I am sending prayers to Pablo and your family, hope you get information that is helpful from the EEg

  3. Have you heard of Dr. Friedman at Duke University Hospital, Tisch Brain Tumor Center? He is the best in the country. Best of luck.

  4. all my best to you, Pablo and the lovely kids

  5. Sending the very best of wishes and support your way for 2011xx

  6. I'll be thinking of your family and hoping they find some new information with the new tests that can resolve things for Pablo.

  7. Oh sweetie. Sigh. I'm sending good thoughts and wishes your way.



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