Weekend update

This morning we took the kids to McDonalds for breakfast - Isabella had made us promise to take her to one this weekend with a Playplace. The kids had a blast and Pablo went up the structure with Simon since he was too small to do it himself. That got a laugh out of the other parents because every so often you could hear Pablo complaining that he was stuck. Anyway, from there we headed home and stopped by the Homesense near our house. My sister Kim found a bunch of great furniture pieces there lately. While there, Pablo called a nurse to see about getting a catheter put in because once again, it's been almost two days since Pablo has peed. She said she could be at our house in 20 minutes so we quickly looked around Homesense and to my total surprise I found a Tolix style chair that Kim had bought last week at another Homesense. She had been to the Homesense that we were at and never saw this chair (she would have bought a second one). I had to get it. Here is a picture that Kim took of her chair (I am too lazy and tired to take a picture of mine):

It was on sale for $59 (reg. $79)!!!

It looks almost identical to Anthropologie's Redsmith Dining Chair that is $198 - check it out below:

When we got home from Homesense, the nurse came by and attempted to put in a catheter with no luck. This is not good and she told Pablo to go to the hospital. So off he went (got a ride from a friend). I hope he doesn't have to wait too long at Emergency....

UPDATE: Pablo didn't have to wait long and he was home by dinner - with a catheter that he has to leave in till his urology appointment Monday.


  1. Poor Pablo, that sounds uncomfortable to say the least...belated Happy New Year to you all,the chair is very fab!, cheers Katherine

  2. I had to go up after Gabe once and damn, those things are hell on your knees. They're freaking hard! I'm too old for that shit. ;-)

  3. I'm too old for that shit too and Pablo is too old and way too tall! LOL! Those things are not made for 6'4'' kids.



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