Around the house

As promised, I took some photos of changes that I've made recently around the house and while taking photos, I snapped a few of the kids and our cat who, believe it or not, is still alive (my cat is around 17 years old and has lost so much weight in her old age that she probably weighs a couple pounds - she does seem happy - I would never make her suffer). I'll save the house photos for a separate post that I'll post tomorrow.

I'll start with a couple photos of my new hair. But in case some of you don't know what my old hair looked like, here is a photo from when I got it done last:

and now, here is what my hair looks like now (minus make-up because I don't plan on leaving the house today - lots of cleaning and laundry to do). I need new glasses (I've had these for over 4 years). So hard to take a photo of yourself...

And now some photos of the kids:

Finally, here is a photo of our cat doing what she does 98% of the time (I wish):


  1. i like the hair. and i want to squish the boys face.

  2. I love your haircut & color! And I completely agree that it's hard to take pictures of yourself. I can never manage to get a good one.

  3. You can squish Simon at mom and dad's tonight and I'll squish Gianna! LOL!

    Thanks Hollie! I must have attempted about 30 shots of my head and barely got anything decent...

  4. All the new haircuts are cutie! I do love that color on you.

  5. Thanks! Kim told me I should have tweeked the photos a bit since my hair is not that yellow. Oh well. The point is my hair is no longer red...



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