I'm going crazy and I'm going to be sick

Just when I thought this stomach bug was all done...

It's 4:30 am right now and Simon just finished throwing up AGAIN. It started at 3:30 am when I heard him calling from his room. He got sick in his crib - thankfully it was quite contained and an easy clean-up. Now Simon and I are in my bed (Pablo is sleeping with Isabella) and we're watching Caillou.

Simon hasn't gotten sick since Saturday at dinnertime. Isabella too. Isabella spent all of yesterday sleeping and she is not big on sleeping lots, so you know she's sick. The kids even ate a good dinner last night...

I thought we were all over it. I was actually starting to feel way less nauseous but after cleaning up after Simon just now, my stomach is turning. I haven't actually thrown up at all yet but I've been incredibly nauseous since Friday night. Last night I was feeling normal again.

Our house needs some airing out. Luckily the temperature lately has been above zero. Finally.

Back to Caillou and to get the bucket ready.


  1. Hopefully with the warmer temp. your family's health can take a happier turn. Sorry your feeling so bad, over in Oz the weather is cooling and my family has our first round of colds:(

  2. oh, you poor thing, that's so gross! I'm sending well-wishes to your & yours from Australia right now!

  3. Oh man, I was hoping it was over. :-(

    Want a funny story? Gabe and I were in the car last week (he calls it Mama's car even though we only have one) and were exiting the expressway. Some dumbass was blocking the intersection of the exit. I mean, are you serious? So, I pull out a little--I didn't want to pull in front of him, I just wanted to go straight across the street. He pulls up so that he's completely blocking me. I honk and evidently say a few choice words. Perhaps a hand gesture or two was involved. From the back seat I hear, quite clearly,

    You're an asshole. Get out of our way.

    Sigh. That's my boy. I have no idea where he gets it. ;-)

  4. We just went through the same thing - an entire round of flu, followed up by another round, segueing into a cold and allergies. I feel your pain, sis. May you all be back to normal as soon as humanly possible. Wait, make that sooner.

  5. Thanks everyone! And thanks for making me laugh Collette! Gabe and Isabella need to meet one of these days.

    It's almost 6pm and Simon is still vomiting. I gave him some dry Cheerios and he threw that up. I gave him some dry toast and that came up. He grabbed a banana and I figured why the heck not and that came up when he was just about to take his last bite.

    I am exhausted. Simon is exhausted. I have to say that he is just as amazingly good when he's sick as when he's healthy. At 3:30am when all this started, he even helped me clean the mess on the bathroom floor. My little buddy. I've loved cuddling with him today. We've spent the entire day in my bed and he hasn't fussed or made a peep.

  6. Oh that poor sweetie. And poor mommie. We've been really lucky with the puking--Gabe's puked 3 times ever. I'm so sorry he's still feeling sick. Hopefully you guys get a little rest today.

  7. 5 days of puking and watery poops. I no longer have any sense of smell. And we went through all this about a year ago too....

  8. I think the loss of your sense of smell is temporarily a very, very good thing.

  9. Very good indeed. Thankfully, the puking ended yesterday but runny poops are still going at full force. That reminds me that we're running low on wipes too. NOT A GOOD THING.



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