Changes to the kids' rooms

 Isabella used to have a queen size bed in her room but because her room is only 9x11 feet, I thought a smaller bed would be more suitable. My sister needed a queen mattress for her cottage and my mom had an extra double mattress that she wasn't using. Perfect because it wasn't going to cost us anything to get Isabella a new bed. We did the mattress switch over the weekend and I rearranged some furniture to make more floor space. Here is what Isabella's room looks like now:

Before photos of Isabella's room here.

When we redid our master bedroom and realized how nice the used Lillberg rocker that we bought for Simon's room fit in our room, I quickly realized that we needed another rocker for Simon's room. I was determined that an Eames rocker would be perfect and I've been dying to own one for years. An old high school friend of Pablo's owns an awesome modern lighting and furnishings store in town - the modern shop -  and he was selling Eames rocker replicas for a great price. We decided on a black one to tie in with the hints of black throughout Simon's room. When we went to the store to pick it up, I saw some Kartell Componibili looking storage tables ON SALE and picked up a black one for Simon's room too. I only took a couple photos of the corner of the room where the rocker will go because Simon is still using his crib. Once he is done with his crib, I'll take photos of the whole room completed. I did take Simon's crib out of the room awhile back and took photos of what his bed will look like. That side of the room has the hints of black. Check it out here.

And now, the new rocker and storage table:

Here is one of the photos from the post of Simon's room I linked to above - the side of the room opposite the rocker:


  1. wow! both rooms look amazing, you've got a great eye for it!

  2. The room looks fantastic! I really love that wicker etagere!

  3. Thanks! That wicker piece belonged to my teenage cousins when they were little and got passed down to Isabella.

  4. WOW - I love all of the vintage patterns in her room! I'm so excited that I found your blog. :)

  5. Isabella's room looks so sweet! I love that bedspread and the window over the bed.

  6. Thanks Krissy!

    Collette - I am so freaking proud of the kids' rooms - especially since it didn't take alot of money to get them looking like that.

  7. You should be proud of them! They're amazing!

  8. You are so sweet...still waiting for photos of Gabe's room so I can compliment you...hint hint

  9. this post was so long ago but came across it on pinterest and was wondering what color you used for Isabella's walls?

    1. Bekka - I can't find the paint colour info anywhere! I'm so sorry. I can't even remember what brand of paint I used.....it was 7 years ago so I blame it on that. LOL! If I come across it one day, I will leave a comment.

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