Happy mother's day! (and new window treatments!)

We ventured out to Ikea yesterday and finally bought some window treatments for our bedroom. We were going to go with the Kajsa curtains from Ikea but they were way too beige. I needed white and unfortunately the website (and my pc) made them look white. Instead I went with the Merete curtains and Tupplur roller blind in black. I reused my existing curtain rod. I absolutely love the roller shade and the amount of light that it keeps out (when Simon has me up at 5:30 am - his new wake-up time except for this morning he let me sleep in till 6:15).

Happy mother's day to my mom (the kids' 'Nonna')!

me, pops, lil' sis Jen, mom, twin sis Kim


  1. Oh, I SERIOUSLY need new blinds or something in our bedroom now that it's summer (really? summer? not here--anyway). With an eastern view that sun comes in REALLY early. I love the black roller shade.

    But not as much as I love that family portrait. So sweet!

  2. Happy mother's day Collette!!!

    I highly recommend the black roller shade we got. It was easy to install and thankfully we didn't have to cut it to fit. Summer is not here yet either although we;re supposed to be getting some warm weather this week. I'll believe it when I feel it.

    We took family portraits at Easter because my mom needs to send some to her family in Italy. We really should take some good ones at least once a year anyway...



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