Random items to share

As I write this, Pablo is getting an MRI of his head for his 1 year post brain tumour removal appointment with his neurosurgeon (I forget when the appointment is). The 'effin tumour better be non-existant.

Our car started making absolutely horrible noises last weekend. $1600 to replace the a/c compressor, a few fixes, change the tires and an oil change. I just about shit my pants when I heard the price.

We are attempting a trip to Ikea tomorrow with the kiddos to get window treatments for our bedroom. I'm liking the window treatment in the picture below from the Ikea website:

My sister's cottage is coming along. Lots of changes lately - interior painted throughout (WOOD PANELLING GONE), new laminate floors put in and a new kitchen soon to be installed.

A couple before photos:

and as it looks now (WIP):


  1. It'll be gone. I've decreed it. And you know that life ALWAYS listens to me. (Snort.)

    After you get your car fixed, bring your sister when you guys come down to work on my place, 'kay?

    (Someday I really will have to send you photos of Gabe's room. It's probably the best in the house. It's just that I think of it after he's in bed and then forget during the day. I'm old. I forget shit.)

  2. Please send me photos of Gabe's room. I've been waiting FOREVER for some. And you're not old, just a bit forgetful. Me, I'm alot forgetful and I say it's because of sympathy forgetfulness for Pablo's forgetfulness since his surgery....damn, or maybe it's because I'm old and just forget shit.

    Car is working great now, the piece of shit. Still bitter over the price.



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