The long awaited BEDROOM MAKEOVER!!!

I've been talking about redoing our bedroom for ages and this weekend I figured it was time. I spent MY ENTIRE WEEKEND repainting our bedroom (we had painted it 4 years ago). I painted one large wall black (Martha Stewart's Silhouette). I don't use tape when I paint walls so when I painted the black, I took my time. Usually I am a speedy painter because I have painted so many freaking times. The other three walls I painted white (Martha Stewart's Picket Fence). The walls were originally a dark brownish/copper (before photos at the bottom of this post) so I had to prime the three walls and then apply two thick coats of the white. Then to my horror I realized that the baseboards and the three doors in the room were an off-white and looked dirty against the white. Solution: paint all the baseboards and doors the same white. This is why it took me two whole days. I couldn't be happier with the results. Pablo loves it too.

April 26 is the day Pablo had his brain tumour removed...a day we will always remember

need to do something with the tv wires....

The items I bought for the bedroom's new look were:
- bedside lamps ($40/each at Homesense)
- three throw pillows ($11/each from So Sarah Sews Etsy store)
- '26' vintage sign ($16 from Old Ohio Farm Finds Etsy store)
- jewelry display (Umbra - I think I paid around $20)
- Ikea's Lillberg rocker (found used for $80 - was supposed to be for Simon's room but I like it in our room...)

We desperately need something to cover the window because I threw out the curtains we had hanging there - I was thinking of some sort of roller shade - something simple. The tree art over the dresser was a wedding gift from my sister. Our bed frame, nightstands and dresser we bought at EQ3 about 6 years ago. The floor lamp is from EQ3 too. The white coverlet on the bed and the scrolly wood sculpture were gifts from my mom from the Third World Bazaar. The black cross next to the tree art was a gift from my sister from Mexico. I'd love to get some sheepskins for either side of the bed to hide a bit of our crappy cream carpet.

Here is our bedroom before:

just before painting began

the kiddos watching tv quietly while I painted

Off to bed. I am so very exhausted but happy.

UPDATE: new window treatments!

from Ikea: Merete curtains and Tupplur roller blind


  1. sooooooo good! I absolutely love your house and am extremely jealous!

  2. Love it! It's chic and sophisticated, and the white quilt cover looks great paired with the crisp black wall. Well done!

  3. YAY! People like it as much as I do!!! Thanks guys!

  4. Oh wow!
    That looks smashing!
    %**%%$# tv wires - mine taunt me too.

  5. It looks so, so good!! I really think that some bamboo blinds would look good in the window! I'm normally not a fan of color on walls at all, but this is perfect.

  6. incredible! love everything in there

  7. It is freaking GORGEOUS! It looks so fresh and modern. SO beautiful!

  8. simple, but GREAT!!! it looks so much better than before. in our cinema (it`s a future project) i also want to have a black wall :)


  9. wow! so modern and has that zen appeal :)

  10. You did a fantastic job! Love it, I think it looks sexy!

  11. My husband says you need this chandelier. :)

  12. Cyndi-I agree about the chandelier! i love it! Ill try and talk Julia into it ;)

  13. Thanks for the love everybody!!!!!

    Hollie - thank you for reminding me! I have a woven/bambooish roller blind in the basement that I used to have up in the bedroom window. Gotta get it out and see if it'll work. If it does that would be awesome because it would save me some moolah.

    Cyndi - I freaking LOVE that chandelier. MOOOI sells one similar for around 4000 (it has 16 lights - very spider like). What a genius hack!!!

    Collette - wait till you see the bedroom in person one day! LOL!!!

  14. That looks awesome. And holy straight lines Batman - your corners are sharp! No way I can paint straight lines without tape.

  15. Thanks Jen and KellyH! I hate tape - I figure that by the time I finish taping, I could be done painting. No distractions helps too.

  16. Found you via a gazillion blog links and lucky for me to view this fantastic transformation of your room. Usually bedroom photos look so bleak and boring (and, to be honest, a tad vouyeristic) but yours looks like a professional, stylish and lightfilled space. Hope its great to sleep in now.

    Sorry to read about your husbands ill's and hope the journey has not been too draining on your little family.

    I look forward to coming back and visiting again soon.

  17. Oh I am very sorry.
    I wrote such a silly little comment about 'not been too draining on your little family' and then I go and read the tumour section.
    I am very sorry for the very long journey have been on. You are a super woman with 2 wonderful kids and a brave husband. I send you the very bestest wishes ever.

  18. No worries Linda. It has been a tough year so what my husband's been going through lately with a hernia, etc. is a piece of cake considering the medical issues from a year ago. Glad you like the bedroom!

  19. Wait a minute - I almost bought that coverlet at last year's Third World Bazaar! It looks just lovely in your new bedroom.

    And I am so impressed with your black wall. Recently we painted one of our kitchen walls black and ended up cleaning it all off again because we did such a poor job.

  20. Cussot - The coverlet is so beautiful but delicate hence why I can't keep it on the bed daily - not with the kiddos always up on the bed. I'll just put it on the bed when I'm trying to show off the room or take photos. And thank you for being impressed by the black wall. I sure took my time with it since I didn't know how I'd deal with any mistakes.

  21. It looks really good - hugely better than before. I love black walls. I have a very similar cut-work bedspread from India, which I love. But most of all I love your picture of the bare tree. That ties in so well with the black wall.


  22. Thanks rouge - hugely better than before is right.

  23. Stunning! I adore it. So serene and sophisticated looking. Love the black accent wall. I love the simple touches, the tree art and how your jewelry displayed even matches. Great job!

  24. Serene and sophisticated was exactly what I was going for. Thanks Peggy! I am very pleased with how the room turned out. I don't think I'll tire of it for a very long time and that's saying alot considering how often I redecorate/repaint.

  25. it looks great! i love love love... looooove your style.



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