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We're off to my sister's cottage today. Can't wait. We weren't sure if we were going to go because they were calling for only a high of 18 celsius and a good chance of rain. Being right on the water means it's a bit chillier too. Woke up this morning and the weather for today has changed once again - this time no rain and a high of 22. Awesome.

Pablo had an ultrasound yesterday for a minor procedure that he is having this coming week and they found a mass (tumour-like). Results are being sent to his urologist and family doctor so we're expecting to hear from them on Monday. We're trying not to think about it or worry since we don't know what it is yet...

I found the photo below and although it has nothing to do with kids' rooms or even my kids, I thought it was adorable and had to share.


  1. How 'bout we all say 'freeze ray' to the lump and it can choof off to nowhere land.

    Have a good weekend away and hope you all managed to rest and have fun (-:

  2. thanks mrs. c! you too!

    Linda, that sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!!! Saturday was a very restful day and today is full of running around and chores...might have to sneak in a nap 'cause I'm pooped.

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