Saturday at the cottage

The whole family went up to my little sister's cottage for the day Saturday. We had a fantastic time and ate way too much. Thanks for having us Jen and Dave!!!!!!!!!

bocce ball was played

and some badminton

paddle boat rides

Simon and my dad trying out the paddle boat

Simon and his favourite tea set

Simon playing in the big 'ol bucket of toys

playtime is hard work!

helping get the fire ready

there were so many mosquitos that we had to have a fire going for most of the day

sittin' and relaxin'

the bebe

crazy to think that this one is turning 5 in less than a month!

getting a smooch from my sister


  1. I dunno what it is...
    but every time I see Simon playing with his toys,
    I get jealous and wish I was playing with them too!
    He seems to inject so much feeling and purpose into his playing.

  2. I love Isabellas little outfit! Such a cute little lady.

  3. Letitia - Simon does everything with a purpose, ie. every time he walks, he walks like he's on a mission. Same thing with when he plays to the point where you feel bad interrupting him.

    Isabella thanks you Hollie! :)

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