New items and some moving around

We have not had a coffee table in our living room for a few years now and it has been driving me crazy. I was looking around kijiji (similar to craigslist) and I found a coffee table and two side tables for $100. I was sold - especially since they looked like teak (not said in the listing) and they had a vintage/retro vibe to them. I did not pay any attention to the dimensions of them and sent Pablo out one night to pick them up. They were alot bigger than I thought they would be but I don't care. The coffee table covers alot of the cream rug which is a bit too bright but I don't want to spend the money on another rug right now. So here is what the tables look like in the living room:

Pablo and I also decided that we needed new bedside lamps. The ones we bought recently just had too wide of a span and Pablo was constantly knocking his off the bedside table. They got moved to the living room (in photos above). We decided to get 2 FORSA lamps from Ikea and they work so much better next to our bed:

I moved our old end table that was next to the couch in the living room into Isabella's room next to her bed for now:


  1. I like them a lot, they look oriental-ish, I know, that's not a word.

  2. LOVE your coffee and side tables! Ikea always surprises me!

  3. ooo love the new tables.
    i've been badly caught out by not checking the dimensions of an ebay item once!!
    never again - i felt like such a goose!
    cheryl xox.

  4. I think they look great!

    So NOW, come paint MY house. ;-) Every time I see that green, I love it more.

  5. Another coincidence!
    Ya freakin me out, man!
    Have I mentioned before - that green is the same colour as our living room walls?

    How are the foot and the testicle going?

    PS. I love the tables and I don't think they look too big at all.

  6. Glad you all approve!!!

    Collette - if you lived near me I sure would but at least I can help you pick out colours and stuff!

    Letitia - O M G! You are really freaking me out! I am STUNNED. And if you actually tell me that your green is BM's Oregano then I might just pass out. Foot is healing nicely. He hasn't worn the stupidly expensive cast in a couple weeks now. No testicle news so we're assuming it isn't bad news (cancer).

    The tables don't look so big in these pics(good job me!) but they are a little oversized. One day when we move into our mansion (yeah right) they'll fit better.

  7. Oh, I appreciate the offer but it ain't getting painted until you haul ass down here.


  8. Listen here missy! - if I ever get to go visit, I sure as heck won't be doing manual labour! LOL!!!

  9. Okay, that's fair. ;-) We'll have plenty of other stuff to do!

  10. I was so kidding. I love to paint. It's a curse really.

    It's been nice having you 'around' ever since I gave you crap for being MIA for a few weeks. LOL!



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