Caravan progress...

On Sunday, my sister Kim and I finally had some spare time to work on the caravan. We hung art and arranged pillows and placed knick knacks on shelves. Next is to put up curtains, cover the table with something and scrape the sink. A previous owner repainted the butter yellow sink some icky grey so we're hoping to get it back to the original yellow. I didn't want to take too many photos since we are only about half done but here is a sneak peek:

oh yeah - need a cover for that outlet too...


  1. I'm soooo jealous.
    My caravan is still sitting out under the tree waiting for some love and attention.
    Great "I Love You" stitching.

  2. Tackling a little bit at a time is totally the way to go - more manageable that way. That stitching my sister bought on Etsy I think and graciously donated it to the trailer. It loves its new home. :)



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