1. See the one where the kid is scaling the bunk beds without the ladder? Yeah, that's Gabe.

    How's everyone feeling today? Quiet here, company left yesterday and no more company on the horizon until...tomorrow. Yeah, I know.

    Also, I'm going to be working part-time (!) until the middle of August. Should be interesting!

  2. LOL! Oh Gabey!

    I wrote in another comment how Simon started puking last night at 9pm. No clue why. Thankfully he's fine today. Pablo is waiting for the nurse to come give him a gravol shot cause everyday lately is a day of nausea for Pablo and I am coughing less than last week. Phew. Isabella is just dandy and the only one (knock on wood) who seems healthy.

    Holy crap Collette - how do you freaking know that many people...that you would actually let stay at your house?!?!?!? Insanity.

    Working part-time?!?!?! How awesome! Good for you!

  3. Poor Simon. Poor Pablo. Poor Mommy. (Run, Isabella, RUN!!)

    Don't worry--it's not actually anyone I like--it's family. ;-D Joe's 1st cousin, his new wife, 2 month old and 10 year old stayed over Saturday. My FIL is coming tonight and staying until Sunday. Now, don't get mad but he's gonna do your job and finish up the painting. I suppose when you come, you'll just have to relax. (Kim is still going to have to take pictures though but that's her problem. If she does a good job and gets finished quickly, maybe we'll take her out or something.)

    Yeah, the last place I freelanced contacted me in March and asked if I could work full time for the summer. Because Joe was working about 50 bazillion hours a week and it didn't look like it was gonna let up, I had to decline. They came back about a week and a half ago and said the project had changed and I could work part-time, primarily from home. Um, okay. It's a short project so not too bad at all!

    I hope everyone is doing a little better today. At least a little better. Puke sucks.

  4. No kidding! (your first comment)

    Your FIL better do a good job cause I'll be checking when I get there! The Kim comment - hilarious!!!

    Working primarily from home = challenging but at least you don't have to shower, can stay in your pj's all day and don't have to waste time getting to and from work. Again congrats!

    Everyone is good except Pablo still feels crappy...not sure when it'll end.

    Puke sucks BIG TIME. Enuf said. LOL!

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