Look what came in the mail today!!!

Meet Isabella's supergirl sock doll! Helen of rara & meme sent this to Isabella for her birthday all the way from the UK (and if our postal service hadn't gone on strike a couple weeks ago, this would have gotten here in time for Isabella's party).

When I came home from work today and saw this gorgeous doll, I teared up. She is beautiful and is the perfect reminder of Isabella's fifth birthday. We had a supergirl themed birthday party for Isabella and Helen did a fantastic job personalizing this doll. I have bought sock dolls for the kids but Helen's sock dolls are hard to compete with. Helen, you made mine and Isabella's day. THANK YOU!!! (now I have to put the doll up high on a shelf so that she can be admired and not touched)

and she came wrapped in this super cool box too - makes a perfect gift!!!
new best friends!


  1. dave: "is that a superhero sock monkey?
    me: "yup"
    dave: "that's 20 shades of awesome. think they'll make one with a 38 on it for me?"

  2. that's SO cute! I love it's mischievous looking little eyes.

  3. That's amazing! So super cute and such a lovely gift for a lovely girl!

  4. Jen/Dave - too funny!

    Love the doll. Love the box (which I'm keeping). Love Helen.

    If any of you are looking to buy a sock doll or need a gift for someone, go buy one of Helen's sock dolls because you sure as heck won't be disappointed. :)



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