Isabella's supergirl 5th birthday party!!!

Isabella's birthday party was a supergirl party and the colour scheme was pink and purple.

I made the happy birthday banner by hand with pink and purple cardstock and ribbon to hang them all together. 

Here are the invitations that I made:

I made the cupcakes (thank you Duncan Hines) and I used pink and purple colouring with white icing (again, thank you Duncan Hines).

We had three planned activities: make your own supergirl capes, supergirl bingo and a water balloon fight.

The kids were just thrilled when we told them they got to make their own capes to keep. I bought the cape kits on etsy (I don't sew) at LotsoCapes. I picked pink and purple capes and they came with all the stick on shapes and since I didn't know the kids who were coming at the time I bought them, I was given sheets of felt and I cut the letters out for the kids' names.

I made the supergirl bingo cards and got them laminated. Bingo got really loud and everyone was super excited to get a win. Bingo prizes were bags of assorted pink and purple candies and the girls used pink and purple candies for marking the squares.

The water balloon fight was a big hit (it was a really hot and humid day). We only had the kids outside for quick photos with their capes on and for the water balloon fight. It was too humid to do more activities outside unfortunately.

In the photo below, the far left side of the table are the bags of candy for Bingo prizes, pink and purple plates, napkins, etc, bowls of candies for bingo markers and pink and purple sunglasses for photos outside.

The girls seemed to have alot of fun and I'm already thinking of theme ideas for Isabella's 6th birthday...


  1. wow , what a fuuuun party!! love the capes and water balloons. happy 5th to your sweet girl :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! Such a cute party idea! Everything looks awesome!

  3. So great! You put so much thought into each detail--wonderful! I love that they got to make capes and take them home. I bet that kept them entertained for quite a while. And water balloon fight!!! Yay!!!

    She looks just adorable and WAY too grown up already.

    I hope mama and papa had fun too!

  4. This party looks like the BEST fun!
    How come adults can't have parties like these?
    Capes and water balloons!
    Love the photo of Simon and his Uncle Jeff.

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Collette - Thankfully we had a budget which kept me from going overboard because ohhhh the things I could have done...LOL! The cape activity took about 20 minutes or so. They all really worked hard on those capes too. Very fun to watch. Water balloons is going to happen at every birthday I think. Perfect way for the kids to unwind. Pablo said he filled about 100 but we definitely could have used alot more. I did buy 1000 - not bad for only $10. Way too grown up is right. Crazy to think that 5 years have gone by and so damn fast. The party was a hit and we all had a blast.

    Letitia - adults totally should have parties like these - especially the water balloon fight. You're never too old for water balloons... I had a feeling Simon was going to fall asleep in the basement. He usually naps at 1 and it was 2:15 when we found him asleep. I had planned on putting him down for his nap once all the kids were gone but he beat me to it!

  6. Gorgeous! LOVE the colours. Happy Birthday little super girl.

  7. @FreeFalling... We did have an adult version of Superhero/water balloon fight after the kids went to bed! Definitely, not just for kids!

    Side Note: Julia did an amazing job setting this whole party up! including making the cup-cakes! The kids had a blast, and the idea of the capes and the games were great, and the kids will always remember this party, I am sure!

    Good luck next year dear, finding a way to "one-up" this party!

    Pablo (AKA Dad)

  8. what a super party from super cool parents! i can't wait til my little boy is big enough for water fight. cheers!

  9. Wow Julia, this party is amazing!! Every single detail is gorgeous, and most importantly it looks like the girls had a ball. Well done!!

  10. Thanks so much zigsma, the missus and Tamsyn!

  11. Great idea for a birthday party! I’m organizing an Aladdin theme party for my son’s 6th birthday. It will be this weekend at one of the LA event venues. We’ve invited as many kids from my son’s class as we could. All the food on the day of the party will be by my own hands as I find it safer and convenient that way.

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