More birthday photos

We had dinner at my parents' the day after Isabella's birthday (Sunday). More gifts and cake and good food. 

Isabella's favourite gift of all: A TRAMPOLINE (from my parents)

it's home is in between the play structure that my parents got for the kids and the trailer that they also got for the kids...all in my parents' yard because our yard is about the size of the trampoline

more gifts

showing off her dress - a birthday gift from her friend Skylar

blowing out the candles
licking the icing off the candles
my parents pool where we are always swimming on hot days


  1. Trampoline! Fun! And that pool looks great.

  2. The trampoline sure will keep the kids amused (along with the play structure and trailer). The pool is freaking awesome and that is where we spend alot of our weekends, although now we have to divide up our time between the pool and my sister's cottage.



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