More birthday photos

My sister Kim did an awesome job photoshopping Pablo's feet and legs out of this photo. Love it!!!

our supergirl!

she came up with this pose all on her own
supergirl Isabella

cape and mask by babypop designs on etsy

Isabella and her buddy Skylar (8) who lives next door
the goodie table

fun stuff including my homemade supergirl bingo cards

cupcakes made by me

Isabella's crown
my 5 year old beautiful birthday supergirl
the supergirls: Darcy, Astrid, Abby, Ryann, Skylar and Kate

thirsty bunch - it was a very hot day and Isabella's 'pick me! pick me!
group hug

chatting before the activities started

more hugging
making supergirl capes - capes from LotsoCapes

we had to help the girls peel off the backing of the felt stickers

Astrid trying to peel off the backing of her 'A'

the supergirl capes went over really well with the girls
the finished products!

the cutie patootie supergirls!
water balloon fight!

pizza for lunch and one very happy birthday girl

pizza time was the quietest 7 minutes of the whole party

cupcakes - another few minutes of quiet

made by me

love the facial expressions captured in the gift opening photos...

a supergirl card!!!

the only few minutes that Simon spent at the party (here in my lap) - the rest of the time he was hiding out in the basement with his uncle Jeff. Thanks Jeff!


i think she's loving the toys!
group thank you hug after the gifts

After the party, we went in the basement to get Simon only to find him asleep with his uncle Jeff


  1. Wow you did such a great job! I wish i had a birthday like that when i was 5! :)
    Looks like it was a fabulous day, happy 5th birthday Isabella :)

  2. I love those photos! Simon asleep on the couch is really too funny!

    Isabella looks like she had a wonderful, wonderful time. I'm so glad!

  3. Thank you Keren!

    Collette - It was so cute when we found Simon asleep. He is so damn adorable. Jeff had a little snooze too but who can blame him when you have to watch kids' tv! Isabella was in 7th heaven. I don't think she'll forget it so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! :)

  4. I hope you're proud of yourself! You did a marvelous job and yes, mission accomplished!!!

  5. It looks like such a great party and I think Boo had a great time judging by the smiles. Such great activity ideas too. Hmmm I have two birthdays coming up I may need to use some of your ideas.

  6. Damn proud actually Collette! LOL!

    Iona - Isabella had so much fun as did all the other girls. Use away!

  7. Please tell miss Isabella she is by far the coolest super hero I have ever seen, love her poses and your photos. Great job Mama

  8. I just told her for ya Stacy and she blushed! Thanks!



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