Garage Sale!!!

Yup, I sorted through all our crap and brought a whole bunch of said crap over to my parents' house where we are going to have a garage sale tomorrow morning!!! My twin sister brought over her crap too. My parents have lots of sellable crap as well so it should hopefully be a good amount of crap that we can make some money off of.

My parents live in the village of Cumberland - about a 10 minute drive from our place. Their house (with the super big hill of a driveway) is right up the road from the Cumberland Market that takes place Saturdays from 8-1 (I think) so any of you out there who live in the vicinity, come out and get some fruits and veggies at the market then stop by and buy some of our crap! When I say crap, I mean that in the nicest way! LOL! And you get to meet Pablo, the kids and I and my twin sister, Kim of Desire to Inspire!!!

Happy weekend y'all!

UPDATE: the garage sale was an utter disappointment. The very few people who stopped looked but didn't buy. I sold a small white table and Isabella's bike from last year for a grand total of $20 which we then used to buy dinner because I am too sunburned and tired to cook.


  1. If i was on that side of the world i would have come! I LOVE garage sales..sorry it didn't have a good turn out - maybe try it again when the weather isn't soo hot? Man i wish it was hot here, it was icy this morning (dislike winter sometimes).

  2. Awwww thanks Keren. I love garage sales too and I think what was so disappointing is that we had some really good stuff to sell for dirt cheap! We're going to try advertising next time and hopefully that will help. If that doesn't work then we'll wait till end of summer when it's cooled down. We've got to get rid of all the stuff before winter.

  3. Man now i really wish i could have gone :(. Hope you end up selling it all :D



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