How the boy likes to watch tv


  1. Love it! What a unit! It does look nice and cosy in there!

    Also loving that colourful crochet rug on your couch!

  2. It is really cosy in there since it's where we store all our blankets and pillows. Perfect for making a little tv watching niche which Simon figured out all on his own.

  3. Okay, that's hysterical! We have some ottomans like that and Gabe likes to take the blankets out and sit in them.

    I didn't let Gabe watch tv until after he was 2 and now it's like I deprived him his whole life. He freaking LOVES tv, movies, etc. I WANNA WATCH A SHOW MAMA!!! ONE show. Please, mama, please. Oy.

  4. My two are big tv watchers too. And that is how I am able to make dinner in peace. When I'm making dinner during the week, I've just come home from work and Pablo is tired. The kids are usually wired so I put a movie on on the tv in the kitchen and they play and watch it while I start dinner. It's a lifesaver!

  5. It drives me nuts but you know, I'm the one that lets him do it! ;-D It's WAY too much of a lifesaver to stop!!!!



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