And the day got longer...

I put Simon to bed last night and an hour or so after he fell asleep, he started coughing and within an hour, it was BAD. He was coughing like an old man and then not even an hour later, he was having such a hard time breathing. I was up all night with him and the coughing and breathing got worse. Now we are at the hospital with him.

UPDATE: We're home. Only took a total of 2.5 hours. Simon has croup. He was given dexamethasone and if his breathing gets really bad again, we have to take him back to the hospital. Now to try to get some work done...

UPDATE: Simon just got up from a nice, long, cough-free nap and I asked him if he was feeling better. He let out a little cough and said 'Nope'.


  1. Can you please just catch a break?! I know I have said this before, but you seriously deserve a mom of the year award. Every year.

  2. How is Simon now? You truly deserve an award.

  3. Thoughts and prays are with you from this side of the world. xxx

  4. Catch a break!?!?! Us?!?!?! LOL! I wish. Thanks Hollie, you're so sweet!

    And thank you Sandrine and Roberta. Simon is doing much better today. He had a good sleep last night too - hardly any coughing so the meds must have really done the trick!

  5. Oh no! I have to say, his answer made me laugh. Um, nope. Gabe would probably say, No, but thanks for asking. ;-)



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