And it got worse

Pablo and I are at the hospital. The bloodwork came back and all we were told is that it is not good. Also, the cyst on his back is most likely going to require emergency surgery tonight. I'll keep updating this post as I know more.

UPDATE (sorry it took so long but I didn't get home from the hospital till midnight - I was there for 8 hours):

After a couple hours of waiting in emergency, we finally saw a doctor who asked why we were there. Basically we said 'you tell us. We were told to come here'. Pablo then told the doctor everything that's been going on recently and a quick medical history summary of the last two years. The young doctor was speechless. She told us that they didn't have what we were told got faxed over from our family doctor's office. We told her that we were told to come to emergency right away.

They did bloodwork at the hospital and everything came back okay. So not sure what our family doctor saw in the bloodwork that she had done. THEN another emerg doc comes in to see Pablo and Pablo shows him the cyst and tells him that our family doctor thinks it requires surgery right away. This made him chuckle and say 'Well, no surgeon is even going to look at something that small.' This made Pablo lose his mind and the doctor ended up leaving the room in a huff. The last thing we wanted to hear was that we just wasted our entire evening - and made Isabella miss her first soccer practice, when we spent then last few hours believing there was something wrong.

TO TOP IT OFF, as we were leaving the house to come to the hospital we got a call from the urologist's office - our family doctor called them and cancelled Pablo's surgery next week because the cyst surgery was top priority. THAT IS IF A SURGEON ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS IMPORTANT. What an effin' joke. They ended up agreeing to have a surgeon come and checkout Pablo's cyst. A surgeon came after a couple hours and after examining the cyst, she said that she didn't think it was an emergency. Pablo lost it. This surgeon said that if she did classify it as an emergency, Pablo would most likely end up sitting in a bed in a hallway somewhere for three days before the surgery would even happen. The hospital is over capacity supposedly and it's a long weekend here. She said she would send a referral to the surgeon that took out Pablo's last cyst and maybe he can remove this cyst, whenever he has a surgery opening.

They sent Pablo for a CT scan of his head to see if anything would show up to explain how crappy, woozy, dizzy, and disoriented he's been feeling lately. Results came back quickly and it looks the same as his last CT scan. We are still waiting for an MRI which, even deemed an emergency, is going to take at least a week to a week and a half to get an appointment.

To conclude: no surgery for the cyst. We have no idea what was wrong with the bloodwork and Pablo is completely pissed that he now no longer has his urology surgery next week.

I am exhausted and Simon has an in home visit with someone from CHEO this morning (Friday). Thankfully , I am off work today since it's a holiday - Remembrance Day.


  1. Wishing you guys the best - sorry to hear

  2. oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, thinking of your family!

  3. Oh nooooo. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. xoxoxo.

  4. Oh no! I'm thinking of you guys and sending huge hugs your way! Give my best to Pablo please! Love ya! xxxx

  5. sheeeeesh!
    thinking of you guys.
    C xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I'm thinking about you guys and including you in my prayers xx

  7. I am sending a prayer out for you and Pablo.

  8. I mean on one hand, it's good that the cyst isn't so crazy big but on the other, What the FUCK???? It's goat fuck central there at the hospital, eh? (Like how I threw that in?--so the natives can understand me.)

    I'll bet that Simon's appointment will be a really good thing for everyone. I felt so relieved after Gabe had his first appointment--I knew more and I knew that something was actually going to start happening. Both really good feelings.

    I'm thinking of you guys. Try and enjoy your day off.

  9. Collette - the problem with the last cyst he had was that it didn't protrude very much but once the surgeon was in, he was astonished at how huge it was. Like one of the biggest he had seen. We tried to tell everyone at the hospital that maybe this one is like the last and just very deep but no one really wanted to listen.

    Simon`s app`t was awesome and we even got a great potty training tip - we`re to put underwear on Simon then a pull up over that - the underwear so that he feels when he soils himself and the pull up to hold in the mess. Not sure why I didn`t think of that before...

    Because of the lack of sleep I got last night, today is a day to do nothing...for a change. :)



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