The latest

Simon just had his in home visit from a woman who works for the OCTC program. We had taken Simon to the children's hospital a few months ago to have him assessed because of his lack of speech and the same questionnaire that was completed then was completed this morning and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Simon has improved in all areas from communication to social development. The woman was so pleased with how clear Simon is speaking now. Even though there is a huge improvement over the last few months, she is still going to make home visits once a week because there are some areas that need work.

And now the latest Pablo news. Our family doctor called this morning (from home - today's her day off) and told Pablo that when she spoke to Pablo's urologist and told him about the possible seizures and other stuff going on, HE was the one who said that the surgery needed to be cancelled to figure all that out first. Pablo then told our family doctor that the cyst surgery didn't happen and she was rather surprised and now she is on a mission to find someone who can do it as soon as possible.

Simon is about to go down for his nap and I think I might join him..........


  1. hi! just came across your blog and enjoy your content! my son is 4 and has a speech delay/disorder (with a mix of public + private therapy) so glad to hear your son's speech is progressing!

  2. Hi Julia (fabulous name by the way!) - I chalk up my son's speech delay to the fact that his sister talked so much that he couldn't get a word in. My husband too is a big talker. His speech has improved immensely over the last few months and I couldn't be happier with how he's improving. All the best to you and your son!



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