I came home from work today to a couple of surprises...

Isabella's school pictures came today!:

A few mornings a week, Pablo and the kids would go to the Tim Horton's down the street from our house. That had to end when Pablo got his license taken away a few weeks ago (due to seizures). Pablo had told them about his recent medical issues and upcoming back cyst surgery so they gave Pablo a card (signed by a bunch of the staff) and a generous gift card for Tim Hortons! Thank you everyone at the Tim Hortons so much - what a sweet gift!


  1. Bella's pic looks great (would love it if she got used to non-fake smiling). And OMG that is so sweet of Timmy's!

  2. I love that they gave you guys a card and a gift card. Sometimes I feel like the world is turning to shit, because of all of the craziness I see on the news, and when I leave my house. Stories like this give me a little bit of hope. :]

  3. Thanks sis! maybe I'll buy you a coffee when you come by to see me for lunch this week...

    Hollie - no kidding about all the shit. We had an incident in our neighbourhood recently...just makes me mad. Then good stuff like this happens and I meet terrific people like you who are so kind and generous. People like you and the people at Timmy's... gives me hope and makes me smile. :)

  4. Wow! That's a great school photo, and very nice of Timmy's.

  5. That's an uplifting story! I love those--too often the other kind of bullshit just wears me down. I love hearing those kinds of stories. Makes me want to drive to a Tim's right now. (HA!)

    I love Isabella's pic. She looks about 18!!!! Be afraid, Momma!!

  6. I will love Timmy's forever because of this. And they are way cheaper than Starbucks. :)

    Doesn't she look so damn grownup. We are so screwed and I am very afraid.



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