Update on all four of us

I'll start off with the kids' update. All good news. Then I'll talk about Pablo and I which is all bad news.

Simon - he had his 3 year check-up with our wonderful family doctor. He is a healthy 41 pounds and 37 inches tall. Doc says she wouldn't be surprised if Simon ended up as tall as his father (6'4''). At the rate he eats, that is NO surprise. He's talking up a storm and we can now have nice conversations with him.

Isabella - she has two loose teeth. Her first ones. Both are on the bottom in the middle. She is beyond thrilled and wiggles them often.

Me - I need to make an appointment with our wonderful family doctor because I think I have gallbladder issues. I've been ignoring the symptoms for some time but the headaches, stomach aches and especially the pains on the right side under my rib cage, are getting worse.

Pablo - he's been feeling like crap for a few weeks. Weird, tingling, numbness sensations all down his left side. Waking up all disoriented and forgetting where he is....basically, seizure like symptoms. When he mentioned all this to the doctor at Simon's appointment today, she did some quick strength and balance tests and quickly concluded that there is something wrong. She then revoked his license, sent him for bloodwork, scheduled an appointment with his neurologist, and sent an emergency request for an MRI which she wants within 24 hours. Since Pablo can't drive, I have to take him back to the doctor's tomorrow so she can look at the bloodwork results.

Bloody hell.


  1. ah cripes. thinking of you guys and sending loads of hugz from down here.
    cheryl xox.

  2. bloody hell x 5,315,678
    was hoping the year would end great for you guys - after the doozy you have had.
    crossing my fingers all is fine (for both of you)

    take care (-:

  3. I'm sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way Julia xx

  4. the best with the results ! Hope the doctor can help a lot and get better soon !

  5. Thanks for the update. Sending good vibes your way. Y'all have (already) been through hell and back, so YOU GOT THIS. HANG IN THERE. xoxo.

  6. Holy crap is right! Gallbladder stuff can really hurt--yikes. I'm sorry to hear about Pablo's issues. (I'm currently working through the posts--I think there's more info there...)

    Hugs to all of you.



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