Update to previous update post

I took Pablo back to our family doctor this morning. She hadn't got the blood test results. She wants Pablo to take more Valproic Acid at nighttime (50% more). This is an anti-seizure medication. She also wants Pablo to have an EEG to test his brain activity (this is along with the MRI which we are still waiting for an appointment).

When I was pregnant with Simon, Pablo had a pilonidal cyst surgically removed from his lower back. It was not pretty. With this kind of cyst removal, the surgeon removes the cyst and doesn't close up the opening where the cyst was removed. It needs to close on its own over time. Every day for a month or so, a nurse came to the house and repacked the hole with gauze. It is very easy for infection to occur. Well guess what? IT'S BACK and it's pretty damn big again. And the bigger it is, the longer it takes to close over. SO ANOTHER GODDAMN SURGERY IS REQUIRED. Our doctor is going to contact a surgeon to schedule YET ANOTHER SURGERY.

Speaking of surgeries...not sure if you all remember that Pablo is soon to be having what was supposed to be his big urology surgery, complete with a skin graft. Well, the surgery is still on for late next week but slight change in plans. Pablo had an appointment with his urologist a couple weeks ago and after examining Pablo, he was really surprised with how good things looked and concluded that the big surgery and skin graft was NOT NEEDED. So next week's surgery is still happening, it's just not going to be as bad as we originally thought. A small yay.

I have an appointment on Monday for my chest pains, possible gallbladder issues, whatever the hell it is....

We just got a call from the Children's hospital - Simon has his first in home visit this Friday for his speech.


  1. I keep shaking my head when I'm reading your posts....cant believe how much you've all been through and still going through. My heart really goes out to you all xm

  2. aww! :[ hope everything is ok with you and Pablo. Let us know!

  3. I keep shaking my head too. It's all too much. I will for sure keep posting updates.

  4. Wow, lots of news. I mean, man oh man.

    I'm glad there's at least a little bit of good news with the news about Pablo's "lesser" urology surgery.

    And yeah, you need to get in there. I hope it's something "simple" like, um, you've got lots of stress and need more sleep. Of course, solving that one isn't so simple...

    Hang in there sweetie.

  5. Julia & Pablo...Sorry to read of this is happening to you! Please keep your chin up :-)



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