the boy's room

Simon has a few new additions to his room: Ikea's Malou duvet cover. I had REALLY wanted to get him Ikea's Tupplur roller shade (like we have in our room). Simon needs a black out shade and Tupplur would have been perfect BUT Ikea has taken them off the shelves to make them cordless and they'll be back in the store in March. Bummer. The photos below would have been so much nicer with the roller shade so please ignore his broken white blinds that do not keep the sunshine out at all. We also got Simon a stuffed moose head from Cabelas for Christmas and that got put on the wall under his tree. My mom made some buffalo plaid pillow covers which I put one on his bed and the other on his rocker. I got a white sheepskin rug for his rocker too to make it a cozy place in the winter.

I had to switch the head of his bed away from the window because it 's too drafty during the winter months.

Simon insisted he be in a photo...

at the end of my photo taking, these three came in and I managed to get this cute pic


  1. nice room. i like the blanket that is on his bed. where did it come from?

  2. What a cute photo of your family! Love your kids' rooms! (Can you redecorate MY bedroom?! Please and thanks!) How is Pablo doing? He looks great. Wishing you all health and happiness in the New Year!

  3. What a ridiculously cute room! Your little Simon looks so proud and he should be!

  4. cinzia - the blanket was a gift from my sister. She bought it on etsy - mrspurvis's shop:

    nicole - Thank you! Pablo is doing pretty good although he does has days when he feels like crap and can barely get out of bed. He's having surgery on his back on the 19th so we're hoping once it heals, that he'll feel better overall. Thanks for asking and all the best to you too this year!

    TM - thanks so much! I am so in love with his room (proud decorating mama here). It suits him and he loves it.

  5. thank you julia! i'll check it out!

  6. His room looks great! Like a boy's room but not too old or too young. It'll really be able to grow with him. I love that blanket too even though I've seen it before.

    And they all look so cutey patootie together.

  7. I am so pleased with Simon's room. And they do, don't they! :)

  8. Hi Julia, look at what Simon's army blanket inspired me to make!

  9. J'adore !!!!
    C'est vraiment très réussi .
    Bravo !!

  10. ♥ What a beautiful room! I love it! ♥



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