Happy birthday nonna!

Today is my mom's birthday - 'nonna' to the kids (grandmother in Italian). Happy birthday mom! - with love from the four of us.

these were taken last night at the new year's eve fondue at my parents' house


  1. Freaky! It's my mum's birthday on 1st January every year too. We went out for a lovely new years day lunch to celebrate. Hope your mum had a great day (-:

    Bestest wishes for the year (-:

  2. My daughter has a Nonna too! Man do I love her cooking!! Happy birthday to your mum and happy new year to all of you!! xox

  3. Great photos! Happy Belated Birthday, Nonna!

    I hope your family New Year was wonderful!

  4. Linda - what a coincidence! My mom had a great day since my sisters and I cooked dinner for the family. All the best to you this year!

    Morgan - your daughter has a Nonna too?!?!? Cool! And Nonnas are the best cooks for sure. Happy new year to you guys!

    Collette - Thanks! Our new years was pretty darn good. I think I was in bed by 10 I was so freaking tired. I hope you guys had a good new years!



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