boys' lighting solutions

A reader recently left this comment on one of my posts:

'hey julia, love your blog. could you do a post on boys lighting solutions? i've been searching for a pendant light for my 4yr old's room for some time don't want anything too grownup, and not cars & trucks either. so many pretty girly options for my daughter, but nada for the boys. thanks, kayajoy'

Well kayajoy, I love a challenge and since I am in the same predicament for my son's room (here is a link to the lighting in his room, put in by the builder when we bought our house), here are some rooms with cool lighting, suitable for a boys' room:

helt enkelt


art & decoration - pendant light from Ikea

kids factory


apartment therapy

apartment therapy

hus&hem - link to a similar, inexpensive fixture at home depot

taverne agency
apartment therapy

du cote de chez vous

After going through my stash of photos to find all the images above, I realized how much I love industrial lighting for boys' rooms. I think that is the way I want to go for Simon's lighting too. After some googling, I found the options below:

barn light electric
glass jar pendants from west elm
polyhedron pendant from west elm
industrial pendants from west elm
depot ceiling lamp from pottery barn kids
basket pendant light from pottery barn kids
whipstitched burlap pendant from restoration hardware baby & child
steel mesh pendant from restoration hardware baby & child


  1. What did we do before google! Brilliant post. Sinead

  2. Sinead - I have no idea. Seems like a lifetime ago though. LOL! and thanks for the compliment!

  3. Hi Julia, I think you and I have the same style! My hubby and I just built our house and I was obsessed with finding the perfect lights for the house. (with in the budget of course) I love love the industrial look to as I also have a few of these rooms pinned ;) I have photos on my blog but I found great ones at Home Depot and HomeSense of all places! The one for my son's look looks just like one from RH but for way less! Good luck and can't wait to see what you chose. I'll link my photos below. :)


  4. I love your light fixtures Cindy - the ones in the kitchen and your son's light is fabulous! Your house looks awesome! I have bought lights from HomeSense and Home Depot before because I sure as heck can't afford expensive light fixtures. I love hunting HomeSense for those great finds. I think my best HomeSense buy was my copy of a Tolix chair in copper. I think I might have to check out HomeSense this weekend and check out their lights (it's been awhile since I've been).

    1. Thanks Julia! and good luck! I love the hunt too :)

  5. Oh, these are great! You might've outdone yourself!

    I forgot to tell you that Simon must've been talking to Gabe about sneaking food for breakfast. I can't tell you the number of times I've found him with ice cream, or his favorite--chocolate chips. He always confesses though!

    He's super sneaky--he shuts my bedroom door when he gets up so I don't wake up. Then he turns on the tv and helps himself to "breakfast". He's a piece of work!

  6. I just found your blog via pinterest and I've been loving it! I have two little boys that are due for a room makeover, and they currently love animals and rainbows. I avoided themed nursery stuff and so I've never been a fan of "Noah's Ark" as a theme, but it WOULD let me incorporate their "favorites." all the stuff I can find is too cartoonish or just looks silly to me. I don't mind cobbling together my own stuff, but I'm looking for ideas. Could you let me know if you find anything that uses animals or nautical themes in a funky or bright way, without being too overproduced? Thanks!

  7. Julia, thanks so much for the post. A lot of great options. I, too, am on a limited budget, so Home Sense sounds like a good option. Love all the industrial options!

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