lakeside house in Texas

all images via dwell
If you're in the market for a home or condo in Texas (where I'd love to visit one day), check out


  1. After passing by this (http://www.flickr.com/photos/andbabymakesthree/7287079830/) castle the other day, I looked up the address and found that it only sold for 2 million.. and then I started looking around the site, holy crap, there really are some nice homes here in texas. Check this one out too (http://realestate.yahoo.com/Texas/Flower_Mound/1808-point-de-vue-dr:be5adfd2f93aa81f2456e5582a2326d)

  2. if I could built my dream house it will be something along these lines
    of course it would come with an army of help to dust it off every day

  3. OMG and OMG Hollie. Those two homes are ridiculously huge. Castle is right. 2 million is crazy cheap for that size. Here, that home would have sold for 15 or 20 million. I don't think we even have homes that big here....what the heck would you do with that much space!?!?!?

    Marie - I completely agree with you. :)



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