little play spaces

I love discovering different uses for cardboard and this post is no exception. I came across the site little play spaces and was in awe at their creative way of using recycled cardboard - cardboard playhouses. They've come up with a french cafe, a beauty shop and a castle. My kids would love something like this - just perfect for our playroom.

Made from printed recycled cardboard, these playhouses are easy to assemble and form sturdy yet flexible play spaces that can fit into any space inside the home. Each design combines an artistic exterior illustration with multiple functioning components to make the play space come alive.

Little Play Spaces are designed with 2 to 8 year olds in mind but are big enough for older siblings and parents too!

Little Play Spaces are good to our environment and very easy to recycle once their "time is up". When not in use, Little Play Spaces fold up for storage in the closet, against a wall or under the bed.


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