Simon's birthday and halloween

Since Simon's birthday was on a Monday this year, we had a party for all the family on Sunday and on his birthday, we took Simon, Isabella and our neighbours and their two kids to Cosmic Adventure for some serious horsing around. I totally forgot to post some halloween photos so those will be at the end of this post. I apologize for the amount of photos...

To start, here are the photos from the family party:

the theme of the party was Cars so it was quite necessary for Simon to wear his fav Tow Mater t-shirt
my dad and Simon
cousin Cristina, my mom holding my niece Gia, yours truly and Zio Dave
Simon just realized that this is a Tow Mater bubble mower
Chuggington pieces for Simon's train collection
Simon opening a pirate ship from my aunt and uncle and cousins (he hasn't stopped playing with it)
Isabella opening a card. Her hair nicely done by one of my cousins (I suck at hair which is why mine is short...)
more presents
I made a recommendation that Simon could use a nice sled this year for when Pablo has to take Isabella to and from the bus stop. Due to Simon's low muscle tone, he is not a fan of trudging through snow. My parents found this sled for Simon.
the birthday cake made by Pablo's friend Olivia (she is an awesome baker and makes the most outrageous cakes)
I almost didn't want to cut into this work of art...and not only did it look good but it tasted DELICIOUS
Pablo and I with the birthday boy
blowing out the candles
my niece Gia excited after blowing out some candles too
the grandparents and the grandchildren eating cake
even the cat wanted to join in the festivities (at 20 yrs old, all she could manage was a catnap in the middle of the room)
And now, the mini party on Simon's birthday:

blowing out the candles on the giant cupcake
dancing up a storm at Cosmic Adventure
toothless Isabella at the bottom of a slide
"Julia, you've got to try this slide." And so I did and it was so fast that I was airborne for a bit and this is me at lightning speed at the bottom. Thank you for whoever suggested I go down this damn thing (Marc and Erin).
Simon and his buddy Keane
Simon, exhausted
who doesn't love a good ball pit?!?!?!?
daddy and the kiddos
little adorable Ryan (Keane's brother)
And now onto the Halloween photos:

Simon pouting because it took too long for everyone to get dressed up
pirate Simon!
princess Isabella!
my niece, firewoman Gia!


  1. Those photos are so fabulous! I like the family one where you're all (I think) smiling at Simon but he's not in the picture. I do wonder a little at Uncle Dave and the doll however. ;-)

    The one of the 3 of you while Simon is blowing out the candles is amazing. Print it out big!!!

    I'm so glad you all had fun!

  2. That's funny - your fav photos are always my fav. The blowing out the candles one would be great printed...and I do need to update the photos I have framed around the house...

    I still can't believe my boy is 4....



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