change areas for babies


  1. i find all of these adorable but utterly useless after the 6 mo mark; once the baby starts to roll over i think it's impossible to change a diaper in a place that's not the bed or the floor (wiped clean, of course)

    also, and this is light social commentary, i think this changing areas belong in an affluent society, like the us or canada, where people (not all people but quite a lot) are actually willing to spend money in sth that will last very little time... i have yet to see a changing area in a house in my country
    for instance: here in argentina the most popular crib is one called "functional" that can last from birth till the baby moves out of the house at 18 yo, through a series of conversions
    ok, i veered off the road, i know
    all the best, as always

  2. For me, it wasn't the rolling issue but the length issue. My kids were just too long for change tables. I probably only used the one we had for 3 months and that's it. It was fantastic for storage. I had bought my change table and the crib used, so it was very inexpensive. I don't agree in spending alot on them due to the short amount of time they get used. The best is to just use the top of a dresser - no money wasted.

    Conversion cribs are pure genius. I wish more were available here in Canada. I would have bought them for my kids.

    Veer as much as you'd like Marie! :)

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