Idées à lunch

Oh how I find it painful to come up with school lunches for Isabella. She is not a big sandwich eater. She is picky and that drives me nuts. I was dreading this school year because she was starting grade 1 and that meant I had to pack her a lunch. PAINFUL.  Here is the staple in her lunch that she asks for daily and actually eats:

Processed and not the healthiest of lunches but there is no fussing. I have been trying to find alternatives with very little luck. Then I got an email recently from Bérénice of the blog 

Idées à lunch and boy did I want to give her a big hug. She was kind enough to send me a set of containers that are just perfect for kid lunches:

I am the tupperware queen and have none of these three so I was very excited to get them. Isabella saw them and got excited too which is a good sign. I explained that they were sent just for her for her lunches. Check out some of the cool ideas for lunches that I found on Idées à lunch:

To see what food items make up the above photos, click here. And check out 

Idées à lunch for many, many more lunch ideas. Now to go through all these with Isabella and see which ones she'll like!

Thanks so much Bérénice for the containers! I take my lunch to work everyday (usually dinner leftovers from the night before) and this gives me great ideas for my lunches too.


  1. I only have to make Gabe's lunch 2x week but I'm feeling your pain. Even when I make stuff he really likes, he won't eat it. I made him a ham sandwich (his request), cucumbers, red peppers, cheese stick and an individual pack of fruit snacks. He ate the fruit snacks. That's it. Um, no wonder you're grumpy you little goofball!!! I even have a cute little bento box for him. They really are something, aren't they?

    How is everyone doing?

  2. JT - I put this post together while starving. Made me drool.

    Girlfriend - Isabella drives me nuts for that too - she'll ask me for something specific then won't eat it - 'cause I didn't feel like'. Drives me insane. I try to pack mainly healthy stuff ie. fruit but I'll throw in a rice krispie square and she'll only eat that and by the time she comes home with the uneaten cut up fruit, I have to throw it out because it hasn't been refrigerated for 8 hrs.....

    We've all been sick since Friday. Colds, coughs, a bit of vomiting from Simon mixed in there. GOOD TIMES! I was hacking up a lung at work today. As long as we are all better for xmas.... How are all of you? You all ready for xmas? AND Simon is going to FINALLY start speech therapy in January. Now we're just waiting to hear about occupational therapy.



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