recipes I've tried this week

The painting is complete, the furniture is in place and the art is back on the walls. Phew because that was alot of work and I am pooped. We had to take a trip to Ikea this week too to pick up a tv stand on casters for the new living room. We also picked up a little bookcase for Isabella's room. I spent yesterday cleaning and taking photos of the house so I'll post those tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is what I made this week, starting with holy yum chicken which, like its title, was holy yummy (I made it with roast potatoes and asparagus):

holy yum chicken - table for two

Next was orange balsamic glazed chicken. This was a hit with everyone and I will definitely be making it again:

orange balsamic glazed chicken - knead to cook

Lastly, I made one of the easiest and most delicious recipes, korean beef. It's in my regular recipe rotation and I like to make a big batch so there is lots leftover to bring to work for lunch:

korean beef - lizzy writes

As for baking, the blueberry bread from last weekend was such a hit with the fam that I was asked to make it again for this week and since it was so easy to make, I am happy to oblige. Here it is again:

blueberry bread - pbs food

I feel like a batch of cookies too so I am going to try these frosted flakes white chocolate chip cookies:

frosted flakes white chocolate chip cookies - picky palate

Have a good week everyone! And feel free to email me your favourite recipes - I'd love to try them (as long as they don't involve mushrooms - ewww).



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