our living room facelift

I painted my butt off all last weekend and finished all the painting of the living room, hallway going down to the basement and hallway going upstairs. To recap from this post (where I detailed all the changes), I used BM's Pink Bliss and Martha Stewart's Nimbus Cloud for the living room and halls.

Here is what the new living room looks like:

and in case you forgot, here is the before picture:

We got rid of the dining room area since it hardly got used and just made one big living room. We moved the dining table into the eat-in area of our kitchen:

Here is what the eat-in area looked like before:

And here is what our newly painted stairs looks like:

And the before with white walls:

And now more photos of the changes:

note: we're still waiting to have the george nelson bubble lamp installed at the top of these stairs...
I was going to put the dark grey cover on the couch (my folks had it as an extra cover) but I got lazy and this one worked as well...
the cat likes the new couch...
we have a bigger tv that will be going on this stand (which is on wheels). We can wheel the tv in front of the sectional or the kids can watch it from the eat-in area of the kitchen.

the big chair belongs to our cat - hence the blanket on it...

We couldn't be happier with the changes and Pablo doesn't even mind the pink anymore!  Still to do: buy the PAX wardrobe for the front hall but luckily they are on sale for the next few weeks...

Aside: the lighting in these photos is crap. Our home is very hard to photograph...my apologies. And the pink is hard to get properly on camera too.


  1. Love the changes! Especially that you made just one big living room! Looks like a great for the family to gather. That chair by he window looks like a good place to read. Love the paint color too. So bright! The home looks more cheerful and inviting.

  2. Wow, the living room looks great. All your hard work paid off, it looks so fresh and much bigger with the big dining table gone.

  3. Thanks to all of you! I am so freaking thrilled with the changes. Only thing left is to get the tv in there...

  4. Love the colors together! The pale pink really makes the house look bigger! I'm still obsessed with the staircase :)

  5. Wow, it looks gorgeous! I'm so impressed! And you make me want to take a nap. ;-)

  6. Thanks Joanne! I couldn't have picked a better colour combo (I say while patting myself on the back). Here's to hoping I don't want to repaint anytime soon.

    Thanks Collette! - I thnk it took me two weeks to recover from all the work... SOOOOOO exhausting.



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