a girls' room in Paris

Isabel emailed me the other day with a link to her pinterest board of her daughters' room. I love her creativity and that wallpaper is just beautiful...

i am a spanish woman who after turning around half of the world for many years, and  thanks to falling in love, finally landed in Paris , where i live after seven years , in the 11th arrondisement near Bastille, with my husband and 3 children.

i have always loved decorating in general, and since i had my children, kids decoration in particular !!

Colette is six and a half, RaphaĆ«l just turned 5 this month, and Valentina will be two at the end of the summer. Like Valentina has already became a little girl, she wanted to move with her sister, so we had to reorganize the rooms in the house, and our older room is now the girl´s room!!!



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