recipes I've tried this week

Random stuff this week: Simon had an appointment with a neurologist a few days ago (I'll post a summary of that on Tuesday). The kids both have the flu so we'll see if they make it to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is Remembrance day so no work for me. Christmas is in full swing in stores so time to concentrate on Christmas decorating and shopping. Can't wait to put up the Christmas tree!

Last night's dinner was absolutely delicious - garlic roasted sausage with winter vegetables. Too bad the kids were too sick to eat because they gobble up sausages.

the lemon bowl

Needed a quick meal and a craving for pasta resulted in pasta with tomato cream sauce. YUMMMMM, simple and quick. Would have been even more perfect of a meal had I served it with a salad and garlic bread...

the pioneer woman

Lastly, this one was tasty but usually I like something with a bit more of a sauce when I serve rice. Good just the same. Balsamic chicken and peppers.

your home based mom

Baking afternoon today. I'm making two things: snickers cheesecake bars and easy moist banana blueberry muffins:

sally's baking addiction


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