Simon's bday in photos

We threw a 5th birthday party for Simon last Sunday with family and my sister was kind enough to play photographer while I spent most of my time in the kitchen. At the end of the night as we were putting Simon to bed, he told us that it was the best day ever. That thrilled me to no end. And now the photos:

Simon's uncle Jeff made him this for his wall made out of different hood ornaments

who knew money in a card could make a kid do a happy money dance?!?!?!?

cousin Gia watching the gift opening intently

Simon got his own Nintendo DS, now he doesn't have to use his sister's pink one....

candle blowing (yes that's me)

the stand by the cake and be serious look

the birthday cake from the local grocery store (Simon picked Cars again, it was quite tasty)

Simon asked for a pinata for whatever reason. Pablo offered to hold it and didn't get injured...

Ages ago, Isabella asked her uncle Jeff to make her a jewelry making desk so Jeff got all creative and girly and surprised Isabella with the desk of her dreams.

It's got four sections. The middle two sections, the wood on top comes off while the two ends lift open to reveal compartments for supplies. I'm going to paint/stain it over Christmas holidays and will take more pics of the table in her room.

here is what the middle two sections look like with the wood tops removed.

plexiglass tops allow Isabella to use the table to sell her jewelry one day

this is Isabella's serious jewelry making look. Love this pic, except she look so grown up....


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