instagram saturday

corner of our bedroom // another view of our bedroom
Simon chillin' out on the living room floor // Simon's letter cards for practice taped to the kitchen pillar
3 rabbits eating carrots in our backyard // rabbit tracks after a whole day of snow
view into our living room // Simon in our Eames rocker anxiously waiting to go to school
our family room in the basement // Simon's army blanket keeping me warm
my Friday outfit // Isabella's outfit
the kids playing school before bed in Isabella's room // Simon in his bed 


  1. How do you manage to have such a good looking and clean house?? You have to share your secret! (Love your recipes too...)

    1. Thanks Lor! The key to a clean house is to keep on top of it all the time....nothing worse than geting stuck on the weekends having to clean up a week's worth of messes.



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