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INSANITY. That perfectly describes the last week. A couple trips to the hospital and VOILA, another surgery for Pablo has been scheduled. I think this might be surgery #18 in 4 years. Pablo's urology issues have trumped the brain issues this week. These urology issues have plagued Pablo since before his brain tumour four years ago. Once the brain tumour happened, the urology issues got put on the back burner but now it can't get put off any longer. Surgery at the end of the month will hopefully resolve the urology issues once and for all. The only other thing that will need fixing after that is his bladder pacemaker which still needs surgery to rewire it. :(

Pablo is awaiting an appointment with his neurologist to talk about the brain issues and whether or not there is brain tumour regrowth.

Remember the flu that I have had since mid-January? - well, just when I thought I was at the tail end of it, it came back again and I am thoroughly annoyed. A month straight of the flu is not fun. It is really exhausting.

On a brighter note, the kids' came home Friday with their report cards and they both did an awesome job. We're so proud of the both of them!

Food. I did cook this week thankfully. Tried some new things and some I will make again.

Our favourite this week was soup believe it or not - the girl who ate everything. Holy freaking yum-o. Delicious and hearty and just what all us sick people needed.

the girl who ate everything

The next big hit was skinny orange chicken. This was quick and easy and so tasty.

gimme some oven

This next recipe - spicy mini meatball grilled cheese - was a hit with Pablo and I but the kids found it too strange so they had grilled cheese minus the meatballs. The only change I would make would be to use crushed tomatoes instead of diced tomatoes. The tomato part was too runny with the diced tomatoes.

how sweet eats

For Isabella's love of anything wrapped in a tortilla, I made these quick and easy chicken burritos. We love salsa so salsa was added inside too. Perfect meal if you are pressed for time.

brunch time baker

I have some browning bananas so I'm going to try this cinnamon swirl banana bread. Man, does it ever look good. Hopefully mine will look this good.

sally's baking addiction

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