instagram saturday

living room with new coffee table (Strind from Ikea) // picture frame in upstairs hall
annoying wall of randomly placed switches and things between the kitchen and basement stairs
pax wardrobe from Ikea in the front hall as we desperately needed more coat/shoe storage
6 lbs of strawberries because we are berry obsessed // peanut butter banana muffins
crepes and strawberry breakfast // slow cooker chili
me early one morn // another bunny visiting
h&m purchases for the kids
mango and h&m tops for me // sound of lions - what I am listening too
vintage mini-wheats bowls in the kitchen // birks regency plate silverware from my grandmother


  1. You did well with all these switches!
    And you look good in the morning :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Kasia (the rude one ;)))

    Ps. guess what berries I did buy yesterday? ;)

    Pps. Living room's NICE :)))

    1. Thanks my friend! This stupid wall is right in the middle of the main floor and is prominent so I had to do something to spice it up!

      And stop being so damn rude would ya! :)

      OF COURSE you bought strawberries yesterday! :)



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