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I had a nice relaxing week this week. Shocker. It's because I was off from the day job. Next week I'll be back to bitching about how exhausted I am . LOL! This week we had Simon's appointment with the anesthesiologist (for his MRI this coming week) and Pablo had some tests done at the heart institute. A trip to Montreal to shop on Monday was about the extent of what we did this week. Pablo was having issues in the urology department due to his surgery two weeks ago so that prevented us from doing more. But I had a nice break and it was badly needed. :)

I made a ton of stuff this week. My personal favourite was slow cooker barbecue pulled chicken. I made this coleslaw to go with it. I need to make this pulled chicken at least once a month...

girl carnivore

Pork tenderloin was on sale so I tried this spiced pork tenderloin with sauteed apples. Too bad I didn't notice I was missing a couple of the spices. Tried to google some substitute spices. It turned out really good but I'd love to try it with all the proper ingredients.

the novice chef

Another slow cooker goodie was this slow cooker beef chili. I had two bowls of it so it won me over.

the lemon bowl

With the leftover beef (bought a club pack of beef - cheaper that way), I made these cute little meatloaf muffins. Yum. Never had a meatloaf I didn't like...

food network

Last night for dinner I made honey chipotle chicken crispers. I should have measured the ingredients as I think I put a bit too much honey. It was sweet and ended up being too spicy for the kiddos. I need to make homemade chicken fingers more often since they are the kids favourite meal.

le creme de la crumb

Since I was home this week, I made a couple things for lunch besides sandwiches: tuna melts and strawberry poppyseed and bacon chopped salad. Both were delicious and will be made again.

food network

le creme de la crumb

And since I never got around to buying the lime for these key lime pie squares (that I blogged last weekend) and the kids and I were craving something sweet, we had gooey chocolate mug cake. Pretty good considering it consisted of 3 ingredients and took 60 seconds in the microwave. I don't get the gooey part as I didn't find them gooey....


After a morning of grocery shopping, I made the key lime pie squares that I was supposed to make last week and due to the ripe bananas sitting on the counter, I made this simplest banana bread. Smells delish!

the baking bird


  1. This banana bread smells all the way to Denmark! :)
    Gosh, how I'm craving some RIGHT NOW!

    1. I'm craving some too as I was too busy to stop and eat some of it. Banana bread is alright to have for dinner, right?!?!?!? :)



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