happy mother's day!

A giant happy mother's day to my mom - 'nonna' as the kids call her. My mom has been a tremendous help to us over the years and the kids love her to death. Thanks mom for everything!!! We love you!!! And a happy mother's day to all the mom's out there! xxoo

I asked the kids what their definition of love was and here is what they said:

Isabella (almost 8): love is to like someone so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Simon (5 1/2): love is when mommy sends me texts with hearts in them.

I went back through the 'funny things said' posts that I've done of crazy stuff the kids have said over the years and here are my favs:

10.18.2012 - Five Guys (Simon - age 4)

A Five Guys burger joint opened up down the street from our house and has quickly become the kids' fav place to go for dinner. Last night, we were in the car and needed to grab dinner while we were out.

Simon asked, "Can we eat with Five Guys tonight?"

"Not tonight, Simon" Pablo replied.

"Well, can we eat with just one guy then?" Simon asked.

3.06.2012 - he hasn't forgotten... (Simon - age 4 1/2)

The other night, we invited my sister and niece over for dinner (my BIL was in Vegas - lucky guy). That afternoon, Simon was being a pain in the butt so I told him that he better behave because his favourite person was coming over for dinner.

"Santa?" he asked.

12.23.2011 - Update to Simon's list for Santa (Simon - age 3)

The other night as I was putting Simon to bed, I asked him again what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas. His usual answer has been 'dumptruck and backhoe'.

This time Simon answered, "Toys, dumptruck, backhoe and peanut butter."

11.18.2011 - Grown up (Simon - age 3)

Isabella: "Simon, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Simon: "BIG!!!"

8.12.2011 (Isabella - age 5)

Yesterday, Isabella walked over to Pablo with her hand on her hip and exclaimed, "I'm so melodramatic!"

Last night, I was getting the kids ready for bed and Isabella said, "You know, mom, Egypt is very far from Ottawa."

4.25.2011 - Drive-thru (Isabella - age 5)

Isabella and Pablo pull up at the Tim Horton's drive-thru to get coffee and for a few minutes, they wait at the window for someone to take their order.

This is taking far too long for Isabella who says, "Aren't they aware that they have customers waiting?"

How dare they make Isabella wait.

3.29.2011 - Our little rocker chick (Isabella - age 5)

Pablo and Isabella were in the car and Michael Jackson's Thriller was playing. It was already pretty loud but Isabella yelled from the backseat, "DADDY, I WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL OUT. TURN IT UP!"


12.27.2010 - Somethin' funny (Isabella - age 4 1/5)

Me: "Isabella, are you ready for dinner?"

Isabella: "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

So I took that as a yes.

6.14.2010 - I had to laugh (Isabella - age 4)

The kids, my mom and I were sitting at the dinner table and Isabella says, "I don't like the count of three because three means I have to go to my room."

5.29.2010 - Easily excited (Isabella - age 4)

Pablo asked Isabella, "You're easily excited, aren't you?"

Isabella replied, "Yes, because I am impatient."

4.28.2010 - Breakfast this morning with the kids (Isabella - age 4)

I made the kids and I pancakes for breakfast this morning. Isabella kept getting distracted and I kept reminding her to eat.

At one point when I told her to eat she replied, "But my pancakes are starving and they want to eat their own selves."

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

3.28.2010 - Isabella moments (Isabella - age 3 1/2)

This afternoon Isabella asked if I could take the skin off her muffin.

Almost as good as her asking me to take the crust off her apple...

2.19.2010 - During dinner... (Isabella - age 3 1/2)

"I love you boo." I said to Isabella.

"I can't love you because I have food in my mouth." Isabella replied.

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