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What a fun week we had. I got to take Tuesday off work to spend time at the kids' school. Wednesday night was Simon's first baseball game (Isabella was supposed to start on Monday bit due to a really wet field, hers was cancelled). Went out for a nice lunch yesterday at The Daily Grind for mother's day and today I got breakfast made for me as well as dinner tonight. YAY!

Not so fun was Pablo's visit with his neurologist. He would like to start Botox treatments in Pablo's head to help with the chronic migraines - 155 shots every 3 months. My insurance will cover a good percentage of the Botox but we will still end up paying a few hundred dollars per treatment. :(   Anyone out there had this treatment before?

Food - right now I have a loaf of banana bread in the oven and I can't wait to try a piece. The house smells soooo good right now.

This first meal is a meal that my mom used to make all the time when we were young and this variation is so freaking delicious - homemade shepherd's pie. I brought the leftovers to work a few days last week and it was so hearty and yummy.  My sister had found the recipe and made it and then told me that I was going to love this and she was so right...

picky palate

My next fav meal this week was such an easy quick meal and the end result was fabulous - one pot mexican skillet pasta. Simon had thirds. Will definitely be making this again.

damn delicious

We made pizzas one night when we were pressed for time. I thought I'd try this BBQ chicken flatbread pizza recipe as I always have pizza with tomato sauce and I wanted a change. I loved it with the BBQ sauce and I used a BBQ chicken from the grocery store to save time. I gotta remember this one on baseball nights...

le creme de la crumb

Lastly, I made this oven-fried chicken with homemade coleslaw. YUMMMMMMM. Especially the coleslaw. I LOVE coleslaw.

damn delicious

And here is why the house smells so good right now - milk and honey banana bread and blueberry oatmeal cookies.

baker by nature

a happy food dance

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