xmas gifts and other stuff around here...

Sometime in December, I moved the desk that we had in the basement into Simon's room. I figured he was old enough to have his own desk to work at. He loves the fact that he has his own desk like Isabella. I took the black Eames rocker out of his room and moved it into the living room to make way for the desk. Here is a quick photo I took of it in the corner of his room:

This next photo is of Isabella's room and her new jewelry making desk that her uncle Jeff made her. For Christmas, Pablo and I bought her the black framed print above her desk. The print to the left we had bought her some time ago and it is also from the same artist:

Here are two random photos I took of Simon today:

I figured it was about time to put the kids school photos in the picture frames I had hanging in the stairwell. I replaced some older photos with the school pictures and I will continue to replace some of the older photos with the school pictures as we get more (or I need to get hang more frames...):

And now, some presents received over the holidays:

Pablo asked my parents for a Keurig and am I ever glad they obliged!

We did a gift exchange with extended family and I won a gift (that was from my twin) that included teas, coffee, etc. The lemon cookies on the top are TO DIE FOR. I must find them and buy LOTS.

I hate being cold so I asked my folks for this parka from Aritzia (their warmest one)

knowing I was most likely getting the parka above, I treated myself to these Sorel boots. I hate cold feet.

the kids (thank you, Pablo) got me this gorgeous necklace and bracelet
a Vero Moda pleather jacket from my folks

a DKNY top from my folks
I bought these for Pablo and forgetting that we don't have a working BBQ...

Simon got this crazy cool remote control helicopter from my folks. Pablo loves it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to take a photo of my new cast iron skillet! Can't believe I've lasted this long without one...thanks mom!


  1. Hi, I love your blog, and adore the beautiful pictures of the tiger and the little girl. Can I ask what the artist's name is?



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