Medical/health updates

Where do I even begin...let's see...

Simon - his hip xrays came back PERFECT!!! There is nothing wrong with his hips that his doctor can see. We have an appointment with a specialist in October and if the xrays showed anything serious then that appointment would get bumped up. As of now I guess we wait till October. I'm hoping that Simon will just outgrow this 'out-toeing' that he's doing...

Simon again - we got a call from the children's hospital regarding speech therapy. Simon won't get an appointment for a full speech assessment through the hospital till next January. In the meantime, the hospital is going to send speech therapists, early childhood education specialists, etc, over to the house to show us what we should be doing with Simon to get him talking.

Isabella, Simon and yours truly - all three of us have been non-stop coughing, sneezing, feeling crappy for weeks now. I'm starting to think that we all have seasonal allergies...

Pablo - had a follow-up with the hernia surgeon. Pablo explained some issues he is having and the surgeon just kept telling him that his issues are urology issues so...

Pablo - had an appointment with his urologist who told Pablo that he is going to need 3 DIFFERENT SURGERIES by the end of this year. I won't get into the details of each but two of the surgeries don't sound too bad in terms of the recovery and the third is the surgery he was supposed to have last July but didn't end up having it. This third surgery is the worst of the three.

And we're still smiling...


  1. And I'm smiling too over here in Australia for you Good luck with everything
    Hugs from Jacki

  2. Thanks Jacki! Hugs all the way from here to Australia. That reminds me - we could really use a family vacation....

  3. Well there is two Australians now that are happy for you. Good to see that there has been some good news. Although yuck for third op for Pablo. If it is allergies then maybe you can find a solution and not just be told that it needs to run its course.

  4. Such a shame you have to wait til Jan for a speech assessment, but great news that they are sending early childhood intervention specialists. It will make a difference.
    Happy Mum's Day for Sunday.

  5. I dunno how you do it.
    You must be made of tough stuff.

    If it's any consolation - my second nephew had speech and language issues when he was a little tyke. They thought he had Dyspraxia.
    He saw a speech therapist for a while - which helped him heaps.
    Now he's 12 and HE WON'T SHUT UP!

  6. I'm glad they're sending people over to the house. Just getting someone's expert opinion was a huge relief to me. (I of course imagined that he would never, ever speak. I'm a worst case scenario type of gal.)

    I'll bet you have seasonal allergies too. That's kind of how our house is looking now.

    Ay-yi-yi. Pablo and his pelvis. (Substitute appropriate "p" word at your discretion. I was going for "G". For a change.) Yikes, buddy!

    I love that you're all still smiling though. Smiling through the snot! ;-D

  7. Iona - I'd love to get some meds/allery shots or whatever to help make this more bearable.

    Engracia - Thanks!

    Letitia - tough stuff - I like that! I'm hoping as soon as we get Simon seen, we'll have the means to get him babbling. I can't wait for the day that he won't shut up!

    Collette - I'm a worse case scenario type too and it seems like Simon will never talk...although he made my mother's day when he said 'juice' clear as a bell and we counted to ten and he repeated 'two', 'five', 'nine' and 'ten'. It was awesome.

    I have the worst cold today too but thankfully my sore throat is gone. If this is allergies then allergies really suck.

    Pablo and the never ending medical saga...

    Smiling through the snot for sure! LOL!

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