developmental coordination disorder

We had the second part of the assessment with the developmental pediatrician yesterday and developmental coordination disorder (DCD) was the diagnosis we got for Simon (also known as dyspraxia). He is behind in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social development and speech was definitely slow since he didn't start talking till he was 3. Usually kids aren't behind in just one of these areas, they are usually behind in all at the same time. Simon is going to need alot of help in most physical activities ie. extra help in learning how to ride a tricycle and dressing himself. The best thing for his confidence is to not have him involved in group sports but to have him in sports like swimming or horse back riding. One on one activities are the best for him since he'll be able to excel at his own pace.

The pediatrician said that most likely Simon will need heel cups put in his shoes to help straighten out his feet and help his walking. In October of last year, we had xrays done on Simon's hips which showed that his femur is turned outward that in turn makes his feet point outwards. We were told that this will most likely correct itself in a year or so but now 9 months later, there is not a huge improvement. I have a feeling we will be having this reexamined in a few months.

The pediatrician would also like Simon to see a speech therapist and an occupational therapist. As I mentioned in the last post (after his first assessment), the pediatrician noticed that Simon's right eye points inwards a bit so we have an appointment in early December with an opthamologist (gotta love the long wait times). 

After meeting with some resource people from Isabella's school (and where Simon will eventually go...I think), we don't think the school has the resources to help Simon if he were to start JK this September so it looks like we are going to have to find a pre-school to put Simon in that will help him be successful in a school setting. Simon is also delayed in toilet training and this is a factor in him starting school. We are supposed to hear from a social worker within the next week or so who will help us find the resources that Simon needs.

Near the end of the assessment, the pediatrician said that she doesn't know why Simon has this disorder but we could do some genetic testing to see if we can get some answers. She did warn us that we may find out things that we may not want to hear. I then said that due to all the medical issues that Pablo has had throughout his life, I'd rather have an idea of what might be in Simon's future and we agreed to go ahead with the testing.

As usual, I'll keep posting updates.


  1. My daughter (now 10) has dyspraxia. She refused to be in group anything until just this year, when she's started a dance class after some intense therapy. OT helps tremendously, good luck in your journey.

  2. That is so great you're getting answers and more direction with everything. We were the same way with the testing for our son too...sometimes it's just more peaceful to at least know some of what you're facing than going at it all not knowing anything. You guys are the perfect parents for Simon, even though I don't know you in person, I can just tell from reading your blog how much you love your family. Hope things go along smoothly!

  3. My son has Asperger's which contributed to him needing speech therapy, occupational therapy etc - all of which he doesn't require anymore & were a tremendous help to him. I also agree about the sports - swimming is good; my son refused swimming, until a couple years ago when I booked him private swimming lessons. He loves the 1:1 lessons, picked it up right away & is now a good swimmer (something I wondered if he would ever learn). As for biking - my son was a bit late learning, but totally picked it up straight away (and it's something he enjoys).

    Much luck with it all - I am sure the therapy will be beneficial.

  4. Good for your daughter Kathryn! I'm really looking forward to see Simon improve with therapy. I saw what therapy did to get his speech going so I'm really hoping for more of the same with all his physical issues.

    Thanks so much Jodi Ann for your kind words. The best thing about having a diagnosis is that now we have what we need to get him help - ie. schools can't deny Simon access now because we have his condition documented.

    Jo Ro - so glad to hear that all the therapy helped your son. It gives me hope. Just this summer, Simon has really taken to the water so I'm pretty sure we're going to get him lessons since he loves it so much. It's always easier when they have a passion for it. Biking too is going to be a struggle but a little bit at a time and who knows!

  5. Great news that you have some answers to your questions, now you can start to plan the next steps. Our son was slow learning to bike, but he did get it eventually. We used the tag-along (aka trailer bike or add-on bike) until he was too big for it. I think this helped him "feel" how to ride a bike, provided him with exercise, and help his self-confidence. It is a great solution if your family likes to ride bikes. Hang in there!!!

  6. Wow, wishing you guys all the best. You seem so level headed while writing this, but I am sure it at times feels overwhelming.

  7. I'm with you--I'd much rather have information than not. And seriously? What more could you hear that you "didn't want to"? Crazy. I'm glad that you're getting information. Information leads to solutions, right?


  8. Tai - that tag-along sounds like a good idea. I'll have to mention that to Pablo. Thanks! :)

    The Herlings - thanks do much. More often than not these days, I feel overwhelmed. We just can't seem to catch a break lately...

    Collette - thanks bud. I totally agree that info leads to solutions and I just need to know.

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