Simon and the chipmunk

In the hopes of trying to get this blog back to the way it used to be before 'the brain tumour', I finally went through some of the photos that I took of the kids last weekend at my parents' place. We've come to realize that Simon loves animals. He's so gentle with our 15 year old cat, loves dogs and now he is a huge fan of my mom's chipmunk...

And here is a photo I took of Simon that I really love:

More of the chipmunk(s) here and here.


  1. Oh my goodness!! That is so cute. I've never seen such a tame chipmunk. The ones around here are scared of humans.

    I saw one last week when I was scooting around ... I think it was a baby ... it was so tiny. It couldn't figure out how to get away from me even though the whole sidewalk was lined with a very good stone wall ... just perfect for chipmunks.

    I'm amazed that your little boy is so good with animals. I guess he'll be a life-long fan, huh.

    Hugs. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing pictures and videos of your kids. They're so smart and so special.


  2. WTF??? How did you get a chipmunk to come up to Simon???

    Of course, I know absolutely nothing about chipmunks--this behavior could be the norm. Here in Chicago, we have birds, squirrels and rats and I pretty much avoid all of them. ;-)

  3. cute pics.. love the close up of Simon and the chipmonk with that huge nut xx

  4. This chipmunk will go up to anyone for a peanut. He'll sit on the windowsill and stare into the house till you go out and give him some peanuts. He'll even run up to the door to greet you as you come out to feed him. Adorable. And Simon was so patient and gentle without me even telling him.

  5. Oh! So cute! (I don't think I realised that chipmunks were so small - I'm Australian).

    Came here via Desire to Inspire.

    I just wanted to let you know that even though we are complete strangers, I am thinking of you and your family.



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