2012 in review

January 15 - Pablo's colon cancer scare

January 19 - Pablo has a pilonidal cyst and colon cyst removal surgery

January 24 - colon cyst deemed benign

March 31 - Pablo finds out he needs a bladder pacemaker due to damage from the brain tumour

April 26 - Pablo's 2nd craniversary

May 12 - Simon's speech no longer an issue and Pablo heads to Toronto for the first of many app'ts for his bladder pacemaker

May 23 - Pablo off to Toronto for temporary pacemaker install

June 24 - Simon's first app't with developmental pediatrician

June 29 - I finally got the tattoo i had been waiting 6 yrs to get (had to add something in here about me)

July 2 - Isabella turns 6 and we party at my sister's cottage

July 5 - Simon is diagnosed with DCD (later globalized as global developmental delay)

July 7 - Pablo under quarantine

July 17 - Pablo's medical stuff made news

July 29 - Simon's first physio app't - confirmed low muscle tone

September 4 - Isabella started grade 1

September 5 - Isabella's room redo

September 13 - Pablo has pacemaker surgery

October 28 - drove all the way to Toronto for pacemaker post-op app't that lasted 30 secs

November 5 - Simon's 4th birthday

November 25 - Pablo has an unconfirmed stroke (or confusion migraine ?)

I'm hoping 2013 is a little lighter in the way of medical stuff but already January 2013 has Simon starting speech therapy and hopefully soon after, occupational therapy. Pablo already has 3 appointments in January (family doctor, urologist and pain clinic). I have an ultrasound appointment in February to relook at a cholesterol polyp discovered last year and Isabella is fantastic - she lost her 5th tooth the other day...

Tomorrow - a top 20 kids' rooms post (the most pinned from my kids' room pinterest board)


  1. Best wishes for 2013! I always think about you and your family. Your blog is great, i´m glad to follow you.

  2. I do not know of wife and mother stronger than you.
    I wish you lots of happiness and luck for the new year.

  3. I also wish you the BEST in 2013. Everything seems on tracks for a great year, so... fingers crossed!
    Laure (Paris)

  4. Thank you so much ladies. Here's to hoping for a peaceful year. All the best to you this year as well!



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